Thursday, December 15, 2016

What's the Difference?

I am alive and well. My wife and I got to talking about the difference between a 'hen-pecked' husband and a submissive one.  By hen-pecked I mean a husband  who generally lives as an equal with his wife but also does what his wife tells him to do and probably does at least a little more  around the house than most men in his circle of friends. I have my opinion on the difference but I would like to reserve expressing it for now in lieu of having others respond and give their thoughts. In both cases the outward 'what he does' might appear to be identical to the outsider so is there a difference and if so what is it? 

As a sequel to the above question, how does the actions and attitudes and perceptions of a dominant wife differ from those of a traditional relationship? What should the role be if she is in charge versus living traditionally? Does she become the "henpecker"? If not, Alta she expect her husband to keep doing all of this work for him if she doesn't continually nag him to do so?

And to all, have a Merry Christmas

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