Thursday, April 13, 2017

You Can Come

I don’t hear those words often but she said them this morning while we were making love. After having two orgasms she told me, “you can come”.

It’s such an odd thing for me to hear. Now don’t get me wrong, I love it when she lets me, but my typical mode is to maintain staying power until she and I are through and she has had enough pleasure for one morning (or evening). My job is to avoid getting the urge of getting too close and thereby ruining her time prematurely. For me personally, if I do get near the edge there is usually no turning back, so I’ve found it best to just not let my body go there.

After we finished today and while we were still embraced, my attention was drawn to a picture on the far wall. I thought back to times past when I had to center my thoughts on that picture with all of my conscious effort in an effort to keep my urges from getting the best of me.  Back in the old days I had a difficult time refraining from climaxing. The only way was to either stop or think about something completely different than what we were doing  and often times I use that picture as the distraction I needed to keep my body from losing complete control. Most of the time one of those techniques worked, but it there were several occasions when it became impossibly difficult to refrain.

But how things have changed in the years since. Our new routine (with her standing orders to not come) slowly changed my response. The process was a slow one. Having spent my entire adult life with one goal in mind when making love (to ejaculate), it took many times spent in intimacy to change my practiced biological impulse. I had to figure out how to avoid doing the very thing I had done for decades and changing that was not an easy process. I guess you could call what happened an example of behavioral modification.

After becoming her submissive my reward while making love changed and with it so did what I was to expect whenever we had sex. No longer was it about me reaching orgasm but rather about me finding satisfaction through her orgasms and the pleasure she received while we were together. No longer was it about me satisfying me, but rather me being the source of her enjoyment. No longer was it about me being a one-and-done guy. Instead it became me being the source of her three, four, five or six climaxes.

After making love two or three times every week for several months my body’s instincts changed. I realized, almost after the fact, that I could go longer with more stimulation and not lose control. Now I can last a half hour although  she doesn't typically spend that much time  enjoying me before stopping.

So today, when she told me I could come, my thought was, “well that aint happening any time soon.”  I had to change gears, change my focus. No longer was it about how long I could go without coming but about me not taking too long before I did what she wanted.

Our time today was great. There’s nothing better than making love with the love of my life. I have no idea when she’ll let me come again but that doesn’t mean every time between now and then won’t be just as loving, just as exciting, just as erotic and equally satisfying. Sex for me isn’t about seeking that three-second ‘wow’ feeling but about sharing her joy the entire time we are close. Sex has become so nice since seeing it as a change to give rather than get and to be perfectly honest, I love it this way.

I’m Hers


  1. Hello old friend. I hope that you are doing well and from the sounds of it ..... you are. Congratulations!

    "Sex for me isn’t about seeking that three-second ‘wow’ feeling but about sharing her joy the entire time we are close." - Truer words were never spoken. Sex for me no longer even includes a vision or expectation that I will be ejaculating because the truth is, it's not likely I will. Seeing those words to most would make it seem like I was not happy or bitter about that fact but in reality, it is my new normal. Because my default idea of "sex" with my beautiful wife no longer includes being allowed to orgasm and also very likely will not include an ejaculation (ruined orgasm). The level of satisfaction that I get from just being allowed to participate in and witness Mistress K. have the kind of sex that makes her moan on and on, and then make her grunt and scream (orgasm), is truly sufficient enough sexual pleasure to satisfy this loving, doting husband. It's is impossible to explain to anyone that hasn't lived through such a thing, but your post here does a very good job of that.

    Thank you for that!

  2. Oh yes, oh yes. You are both spot on with this. I have no plan or intention to orgasm so when she tells me to do so, I may actually have a little trouble getting myself to that place. Who would have thought? Or that I would be completely satisfied to be there for her pleasure?
    Yes, I love it this way too.

    I am a masochistic pain slut so the only thing better for me is if I am suffering during her pleasure. Penis and balls covered with clothes pins while I am licking her and she uses her magic wand to orgasm.

  3. My wife only allows me to cum twice a year at best. The last time was Christmas Day, and the next may possibly be the end of June. A full six months. Two years ago she told me I was going to wait all of 2014 with no orgasm and join the One Year Club. I did join it. She has hinted that maybe she should forget my mid year orgasm and go for the full year again.

    She will T and D me every morning, ice my erection and if I am in a chastity device, put it back together and she will insert the lock and snap it shut. She does feel that the chastity device is an artificial method of orgasm denial. The fact that she says I may not cum she feels is enough. But some weeks I feel like I may almost cum on my own or have a wet dream and I ask her to put the CB 6000 on me. She always complies.

    She does not like penetrative sex any more, so about three times a week I give her eight to ten orgasm a night with my tongue, clit stimulant and one of her many vibrators. If I have been good she will allow me a special treat maybe once. I may take "her, cock out of my panties (I wear panties 24/7), and rub it over her clit and hole. For about 20 seconds, then she tells me that's it, stop. Of course I am not permitted to cum. I would be punished severely for cumming without her permission. She punished me for poor housework, being inattentive, not ironing her clothes correctly or just what she sees as poor behavior. Two,weeks of corner time, an hour a day with a pair of her worn panties pressed between the wall and my nose. My hands are handcuffed behind me, so if I drop the panties, the time starts all over again. Also, three to four hours on a Saturday and Sunday tied wearing only a diaper in her large walk in closet. My hands are tied him over my head and she readjusts the tightness every hour or so. I may not speak or ask to pee in my diaper. I am given two glasses of water before she ties me, then she will say I am not permitted to wet my diaper until she gives me permission. That is about two hours and many times I could not wait and wet myself. She gets furious telling me I disobeyed her, and how dare I do that. So more tied up time during the week is added.

    I am my wife's slave and fully under her control. Life is wonderful. I am so lucky to have an attractive sexy wife who has taken charge, enjoys it and keeps me as her slave. She will walk around the house in only panties knowing I cannot touch her tits without her permission, which she seldom gives. She loves to tease.

  4. You make the point so well: " took many times spent in intimacy to change my practiced biological impulse. I had to figure out how to avoid doing the very thing I had done for decades and changing that was not an easy process. I guess you could call what happened an example of behavioral modification."

    "Behavioral modification" indeed! And that's the crux of the matter, isn't it? Causing a male to limit or even ignore his most basic sexual needs and to revert to becoming a pleasure machine for his Dom with no thought of typical male ejaculatory fruition. The very definition of "unnatural" for most men, but now the standard for a well trained sub. What a lovely reversal, and how nice that you boys so easily acquiesce. The fact that your wives have trained you so well speaks highly of their intelligence and level of control, and the fact that you enjoy your new roles so much speaks highly of your levels of understanding of your basic need to serve her. A win-win for both parties, don't you agree?

  5. I think this gets easier with time, at least it has with me. Now I prefer to induce an orgasm in my lady, and hold her during those moments of ecstasy, and just bask in the glow of her release. Women are able to reach this height time and again, so it seems like my focus on her pleasure is the natural order of things. My own orgasms are enjoyable, but also draining, so they typically conclude the physical love-making (for at least an hour or so). Better to do those things which we seem to have been designed for.

  6. This is beautiful. I just wish I could provide that for my lovely. I no longer am able to keep an erection long enough to provide her what she needs. Neither does she allow me to do it orally so I usually feel I have failed her in this way

    1. Her bondservant, I don't think for a minute you failed her. Rather I believe your wife's sex drive has plummeted. My hunch is, she doesn't take the time using her finger or a vibrator to please herself either. Some women are just that way. But I feel your pain. I too would feel as if a vital part of me had been ripped out of my soul. There is something so special about knowing I can service her, either orally or being the cock about which she enjoys until she's through with it. I wish you the strength to continue with your submission!