Friday, June 30, 2017

A Call from the Local Bank

It's been awhile since last posting. I'm alive. I'm well. I've just not had much desire to write lately.  Katie has also been keeping me busy with life around the home and away.  

A few weeks ago Katie received a call from a woman who worked at the local bank we use asking if she wanted to sign up for their rewards credit card. Katie is happy with the card we have and politely declined her offer. She told me about the call sometime later that day or the next.

Today it became my job to unpack our belongings after a long vacation trip. For as much as I love to go places the packing and unpacking is a job I’d rather not do. It’s a necessary evil but one that needs to be attended to. Unpacking and then vacuuming Katie’s car, sorting through our suitcases to either wash or put away her and my clothes, and finding homes for all the items that we took was something that kept me busy all morning and part of the afternoon. 

While folding wash in the bedroom my phone rang. I saw that it was a local call and answered it. It was a woman from the local bank. It took but a few seconds to recall Katie’s story of the credit card offer. I waited as she explained her two reasons for calling. First to compliment me on my great banking history with them. I smiled thinking, “I have a checking account of which I write one and only one check every month. I don’t put funds into that account, my wife does – transferring the same amount every month for me to write that single check.”  I waited for her to tell me the second reason for her call – the reason I already knew was coming.

“At xyz bank, we’d like to offer you a rewards credit card……” she said and then went on to ask me if I wanted to hear more.

“Ma’am, my wife handles all of our finances. She gives me a credit card that I am permitted to use for specific purchases. It’s not my call to accept or not accept your offer. That’s something my wife takes care of but I do believe someone from the bank spoke with her a few weeks ago. If I’m not mistaken, she’s quite pleased with the card she uses now.”

To my surprise the professionally sounding woman giggled! Her giggle made me grin although I don’t think I conveyed that to her. We said our goodbyes and I went back to folding laundry.
I found Katie downstairs.

“I got that call from our bank asking if I wanted the credit card. I told her you make those decisions and handle all of our finances.”

“That’s about right,” she said.

“And she giggled when I told her you did!”

Katie smiled, returned her attention to whatever it was she was doing and I went back to check on the other load of wash still needing tending

I’m Hers.


On another note I saw this commercial. Does the gentleman in this commercial appear to be submissive or what?  The commercial made me smile.