Saturday, October 28, 2017

I Will Be Pursued

Below is guest post #2 from my dear friend Katie Christian. Enjoy.

When it comes to relationships that are female-led, there is no one size fits all. Certainly, there is room for alternative ways of thinking. From what I gather reading other blogs, many if not most FLR are designed for the wife to have sex at her choosing with the husband being restricted from asking for it. 

Sex is always of my choosing but the way we go about meeting my desires is different. I want to be pursued and cannot imagine having a relationship with my husband that requires I always be the initiator. I like being pursued, I always have. It is one of the many things I require of my husband. As a woman, being pursued by a man does something for me. To know that that man desires me, wants me, to the point of risking rejection, just to have my attention, however fleeting it may be.It still happens in public even though I am clearly married and though I have no intention of ever following through, I still like the attention.

In our relationship, my hubby understands that I will be pursued. And I require that he pursue me. Everyday. It doesn't have to be long and involved but he must approach me each and every day to inquire if I might be open to being pleasured. I love the thought that he approaches me, while being caged, to see if I might want some pleasure today.  Certainly, more times than not he faces certain rejection, but his love for me compels him to try and so try he does. That touches me. I wake every day knowing at some time today he will seek my affections and I have full right to reject his efforts. And yet tomorrow, he will try again. His efforts to seduce me, to convince me to be pleasured, knowing that my pleasure is his reward warms my heart. Ok, and other places too! Each time is different and I enjoy planning what my response is going to be.

Sometimes his efforts are brief. He approaches me and I know by the look in his eyes what he is wanting. His kisses are met with pursed lips and no response. He may begin to kiss my neck, which usually is a sure thing only to be brushed aside with this statement. "men who have time to play are men who need more chores". I then assign him something that needs doing and walk away.

Other times I will let his efforts go forward and respond mildly to his kisses and touches before softly saying thank you but not today. Or, thank you but I personally took care of the matter myself earlier today before backing up to look in his eyes. Looking into his eyes at a time like that with a faint smile on my face is a moment for us. He has never said so, but I can tell it does something for him.

Then there are days when I allow him to seduce me as far as me getting naked and into bed before directing him to provide me a back rub. Or I may lay on my back and have him kiss me while my fingers work their magic. There is something about the passion of kissing a man whose male member is in a cage and he is fully aware that it is not coming off. He has sworn to never masturbate again and he is tasked with helping me do that very thing. To have him swallow the cries of my orgasm while he is prohibited from having one. Knowing he pursued me for the privilege of doing just that.Or I may engage the use of his fingers. Or tongue. Or face. Or even his cage. When I am feeling particularly randy I have had him take his pants off and I mount him and rub myself on his cage. If I can get it just right it feels so good. When that "moment" comes I like to lift myself up on my arms and stare into his eyes so we can enjoy it together. I think I may have scared him recently when I got myself close to orgasm on his cage before crawling up his chest to whisper in his ear that the timing of his next breath will be determined by how effective his tongue is and then straddling his face and settling down.Good thing for him I had timed it just right and had already started to come as I dragged my femininity across his chin.

My sweet hubby lays aside his ego, risks almost certain rejection, all for the sake of pursuing me. Is it any wonder why I feel so very good about myself?


  1. I read this post to my wife last night and asked if she enjoys being pursued. "Of course, she responded. I love when you come up behind me and grab hold of me."
    I often do that very thing and of course there are some really nice parts to her anatomy I have available to grab hold of. :). Although I am not required to pursue, I can't help it. I do it all the time. Some months ago I wrote a post I believed I titled "ADIDAS (all day I dream about sex). I'm game 24/7. I've never ever declined her offer when accepted or told she wants it. I kiss, touch, fondle, stroke, massage her body every chance I can and often fall asleep spooned behind or with her spooned behind me.

    I love the idea of having no choice but to pursue but I think in a healthy marriage the male has no option (because of how he is wired) but to pursue.

    Thanks for writing Mistress Katie C :)

    1. I completely agree my friend. I'm like you ... constantly pursuing Mistress K. Constantly. Like you, I'd love for that to be a requirement of me, even though for me it would be like falling off of a log.

      Mistress Katie C. seems like a pretty awesome woman. She reminds me so much of my beautiful Mistress Wife. I love her guest posts. Keep em coming.

    2. I'm Hers, you are welcome my friend.

  2. Just goes to show how many different types of people kinda like candy.
    They are all good

  3. I love this post. Katie expresses so much of where I would like to be. My Mistress-Wife and I are getting there and the journey has been wonderful. I have come to learn that my deepest pleasure comes from pleasuring her, and so why shouldn't I pursue her as much as possible. The fact that she keeps me in chastity most of the time only adds to my desire to pursue her. IH, like you I believe we have no other option than to pursue, even when our Mistress-Wives choose not to allow us to complete our pursuit.

    Thanks for another great post. Katie, your insights our very much appreciated.


  4. Hello- My husband shared with me Katie C's post above. I really liked what she had to say -- husbands should never stop pursuing their wives. My husband and I have lived a FLR life style now for about 4 years and his pursuit (wooing) of me has never been stronger. I don't really have to require my husband to pursue me daily. Since I do limit his ability to have orgasms it seems that he is constantly in the mood, I really don't need to require him to pursue me daily. It just happens :) -- maybe not daily but often enough for me to have to tell him "no" quite often. Is it really necessary to require him to pursue you? -- I think I'd rather have him choose to pursue me on this own; which is what keeping him in chastity does.

    1. My requiring my hubby to pursue me everyday was actually a knee jerk reaction to a personal conversation we were having at the time. In all honesty, the requirement is wholly unnecessary as my restriction of his orgasms and my blossoming confidence in my femininity are ample motivation enough. It just, at the time, seemed the fun thing to do. :)

    2. Hi Katie, I’m looking for a few women as mentors for my wife who are engaged in this lifestyle. Women that she can bounce ideas off of that she normally cannot do in person. Can she reach out to you? I myself am a Christian man looking to spice up our 20 year marriage and your comments are quite intriguing.

  5. I’ve never been required to pursue my wife. It could be interesting as a requirement in a relationship where a husband was rarely pursuing his wife for some reason. But in my own relationship it’s never been a problem or a request. And being locked in chastity does make me want to be close to my wife, pursue her and so on. Part of the dynamic is also my wife appearing attractive to me, which she is, and me limited by the device unless my wife decides otherwise which she probably won’t until she thinks it’s time.