Sunday, June 24, 2018

A Comment to the Cashier

Katie and I spent a day doing some home shopping. We had just finished a major project and were looking for a new lamp for a room.  Our area has some great shopping for that kind of thing and so we went to a maga outlet in search of that special item.  After spending a few hours looking here and there we spotted what we wanted. I carried the lamp to the counter and there was no one else there except us and another elderly couple working with another sales clerk.

"Are you paying with cash?" the woman asked.

I looked to Katie and Katie kind of shrugged her shoulders and made one of those faces that told me, I'm not sure if I have enough cash on me. I sure didn't. I think my wallet held about $3 at the time.

"Why did you ask?" Katie finally said.

"I won't have to charge you sales tax and you'll save about $10."

Thinking for a few seconds she looked at me and said, "There's a bank across the street from where we parked. Why don't you take your debit card and get some money?  Do you have your card?"

"Yes, I do but I don't remember my PIN to access the account." I also wasn't sure there was much money in that account since it is hardly ever used - and yes, it had been that long - probably more than a year since I last used my PIN to withdraw money from it. I don't ever do banking. I don't ever hardly ever have more than $20 or $30 at hand. Money is not something I have access to anymore.

She pulled out her debit card and whispered her PIN. It's 7468 in case you wondered. (Just kidding :) )  I headed for the car, drove to the bank and withdrew a bit more than I needed just in case.  Ten minutes later I was back with cash in hand.  The woman told me the amount, which was 20 less than the asking price and I handed her the money.  While she got me change I handed Katie $50.

"Here, here's your $20," she said meaning it was my allowance for the next two weeks.

"Lunch money?" The woman asked seeing the exchange.

"No, it's his allowance," Katie said matter of factly.

The lady giggled awkwardly and finished the transaction. I could tell she didn't know how to respond. We left with me carrying the lamp.

Just as we walked out I spoke, "My allowance?"

She beamed and laughed while half-turning back to look at me. "It is your allowance," she then said.

Which was true.

Best part for me:  I couldn't believe it actually caused a stir down below and even better, her comment simply came without thought or hesitation.

I'm Hers


  1. I’m Hers,
    I seemed to have a similar stirring when my wife related to me that her best friend’s husband was apparently submissive. My wife basically confirmed that I was submissive too, although my wife did not relate details of an intimate or sexual nature. I’m not sure it counts as being fully outed, but I admit I like that the woman knows my wife is in charge. FL

  2. Its nice to see that your relationship causes endless fun little moments like this. Finding sexy in the mundane isn such a lucky wonderful surprise!

    I bet she enjoyed it just as much!


  3. My wife took me panty shopping. She got some for herself too. At the register she asked me in front of the cashier if it was okay to put mine in the same bag as hers. That got a look!