Thursday, October 31, 2019

"Scary projects"

I had titled this post "how to fold fitted sheets - and more" but after reading my draft to Katie and telling her I was posting this on Halloween, she said, "Scary Projects" - and so the title was changed. Enjoy

At the risk of being too practical I'm going to address this topic. Can we agree that the submissive life is a life of service? Can we agree that what our wives want most is to not worry about doing things they find burdensome or time-consuming? Can we agree that our goal is to make her proud as a result of our actions? I think we can all say, yes, yes, and yes to the above.

There are circles of submissives that dwell on the feminine. They like being feminine. They like dressing like a woman. They find wearing girdles and panties and dresses fun and rewarding. They like folding their wives panties and stowing her bras, one behind the other, in their proper place.

Well, I'm here to make sure you are doing that right.  I've included a few links to make sure you are. Your wife might enjoy you folding panties a particular way and if her way is different than the link I've added below then you keep doing it her way. If you're like my wife, her panties all get tossed in an a basket and only get folded (by me) on the day she is to wear them. She wants them lying folded and laying just outside the shower so she can put on a fresh pair.

But I digress......  I tend to be a handyman - of sorts. I'm not afraid to take on a task (within reason) that is new to me. Youtube is my friend. I'll watch a few videos after something breaks and think, 'I can do that'.... or conclude, 'that's waaaayyyy over my head' and grudgingly tell Katie that we need to bring in a professional.

I have this belief that the more things you own, the more things break. Owning a home is a job that never ends. There are always things that need fixing. I have a toilet in need of repair that I've been putting off for a few weeks. There are a few trees that need felling. There was the leak at the outdoor hose faucet that needed fixing and the weatherstripping that is in disrepair.  You get the idea. The projects that are on your wife's 'honeydo list' can be quite long.

What's keeping you from making that list shorter might be finances but it might also be fear.  I can't help you with the former but there is help in the latter.  Fear is fueled by the fear of failure. You don't tackle a job because you aren't sure if you can do it right.  Hey, I hear you.  That toilet that needs repair still leaks water - even when the faucet at the wall is turned off.  That project is more than just replacing the guts inside the toilet tank. It really requires me to replace the faucet too.  OK, you say, that's not so hard. Just do it.  Ummm, yeah, but that faucet isn't screwed on. It's welded.  I can't unscrew it. I need to cut the pipe.  I don't like cutting pipe. It scares me.  I've done it before but with each time there is this angst that 'what if I do this and I can't get the new faucet on without it leaking - without it gushing water? Plumbers don't work on Saturday. What's going to happen if I can't turn the house water back on?

You see what the fear of failure can do? It keeps me from getting things done properly.  Of course, there is youtube.  I can watch real footage of guys fixing my exact problem. I can see one do it and then I can watch a second guy do it.  I can see what tools they use and their methods.  It's not rocket science. It's simply replicating what they're doing.  In the end, that will be me. I'll do it. I just need to get up the gumption to do so.

So with that said, I've included a few videos to spur you on to get those projects completed at your home.  I added some easy ones that will impress your wife - if you are the type who has two left hands or five thumbs.

Starting with the 'feminine. How to fold a fitted sheet.  This one I can do. It's pretty easy. Practice it while you watch a football game.

Folding panties. This one is easy peasy.

Folding plus size tops. Another quick learn. (And no, my wife isn't one :)

My wife hates that haze on the inside of her windshield. Here's a quick fix to that problem.

One thing I hate is seeing extension cords and lengths of rope just tossed in a heap. Guys. This can't be. You need to move on from heaps and look cool. After all, your buddies can see your ineptness when they walk into your garage or workshop.

Repairing a hole in drywall: I've used versions of this technique many times. I've fished walls and moved outlets. Your temper may have a 'fist-dent' in your bedroom wall. Whether it's covering an outlet hole that is no more or an anger-punch, you can do this and it will look great.  My one tip.....  wider drywall taping knives result in a better job than thinner ones. Tip two..... less 'mud' is better than more.
Here's two links. Your wife will find your skills 'hot' and she will get horny while watching you take on this long overdo job ! I promise :)
# 2

Caulking is another one of those jobs that inevitably needs doing. It might be in your tub, on the backsplash in your bathroom or kitchen. Maybe your wife can't stop reminding you about that 'dark line' where the baseboard molding meets the wall or where  the crown molding does.  What's the fix? A tube of caulk and caulking gun and a little technique.  Of course, in the case of working next to walls, you'll have to paint as well but that's the easy part.  There's lots of caulking links.  Here's one to get you started.

I'll stop with this one but you can learn so much and expand your talents. Best of all, YOU will feel good when you succeed. And don't be discouraged if it's not perfect. Tear it apart and try again - or bring in the professional - just don't be around when he shows up - now that might be embarrassing!

I'm Hers


  1. Thanks, IH, this is great stuff, it’s always helpful to learn new techniques that can help me be a better housewife to my queen.

    1. Hope it gets your brain going. Mostly it was a post to say 'you can do this' and not shy away from stuff that might be new and intimidating to try.

  2. Great post any suggestions for panty hose care and storage

    1. scampi88, can't help you on this one. Katie is not a panty hose lady. To be honest, I don't even know where she keeps hers. My wife is a blue-jeans girl!

  3. I never learned to fold panties, however one useful thing I did learn: it is not a good idea to wash your girlfriend's white panties in the washing machine along with colored clothes.

    1. gordon, I had a friend who once told me 'pain' is a more powerful motivator than 'pleasure'. I'm sure you experienced the former when washing those white panties and the lesson you learned will be remembered forever :)

  4. IH,
    I was truly blessed to read this post listing a cavalcade of potential domestic accompishments allowing you to perhaps be fortunate enough to vault over the WLM highbar...for a while. Because of time constaints, though, I was only able to scan a few - I will return later. One must say, if they all mimic 'haze on a windshield', I am humbled. Tremendous results, but, my goodness, that is a lot of steps for clean glass; guess it helps to focus your priorities.
    Same reults, simpler task, was achieved by me during Sunday NFL without even lifting a finger. One more episode of the 'Progressive - Baker Mayfield at Home' series of commercials came on as wife and I silently watched; me on the chair, her, across the room, on the couch.
    This was followed immediately by her wry, foregone conclusion smile, without even turning her head a bit. All in silence.

    1. Ha Ha, JT. I hadn't seen that commercial. Now that's a great one.... and has a great message for guys like you and I.

  5. Well, that was a very interesting post. Would any of you gentlemen know the secret to ironing a pleated skirt??

    Love, Kathy

    1. I lucked out on that one, Kathy. Katie is not a pleated skirt girl. But I bet John knows how :)

  6. Thanks for those - My fitted sheets are always just wadded up balls in the closet, so that will help. For a great shirt folding technique, check out this:
    or slower and in English here:

  7. Great post, thanks for helping us out with tips of the trade. the way that works best for me with fitted sheets is to use our dining room chairs as extra hands. Place a corner on two chairs side by side, but spread apart, then fold back the two remaining corners onto the ones on the chairs, fold one side back onto the other, put up on the table and finish folding. Not as neat as Martha's, but eases the struggling! Keep up the good work IH! My best, Calibob

    1. Thanks Calibob. Appreciate the tip. I might try it. Sunday is my wash day